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EVM5502 BSL Examples

The EVM5502 highlights five examples that are designed specifically to work with components on the EVM5502 board. The LED example demonstrates the simplest use of the BSL, a function that blinks a LED and sets another LED based on the value of a DIP switch. The LEDPRD example shows how to do the same thing using a DSP/BIOS periodic thread and add a second thread to blink a different LED at a different rate.

The tone, EVM_App and BIOS audio examples all illustrate use of the codec. The tone example uses the BSLís codec functions to generate a sine wave on the EVM5502ís audio outputs using polled I/O. The EVM_App example is a much more advanced example that uses the DMA to transfer audio data. It is good example of how codecs and DMA controllers are used in real products and gets into details of the DSP architecture and peripherals. This example is recommended for when you are familiar with the EVM5502 and are ready to advance to the next level.

The examples are designed to be read in order, which each example increasing in complexity and scope. They are designed to illustrate specific points as well as provide working base projects on top of which you can build your own code.

Follow these links to the examples:

Name Description
LED LED blinking example.
LEDPRD LED blinking with a DSP/BIOS PRD (periodic task).
Tone Generates a 1KHz stereo tone.
Test General board test (uses most of the BSL API modules, good source for sample code).
Evm_App Processes audio data from the line input and plays the result on the line output and headphone output.
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