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1.1 Example CDB files don't match version of Code Composer
Code Composer Studio has shipped with many different versions of DSP/BIOS. The version used in the examples we ship on the CD-ROM may not match the version of Code Composer you have. In general, you can rebuild older examples with newer versions of DSP/BIOS by double-clicking on the CDB file under your Project View to automatically update it. However you cannot rebuild newer examples with older versions of of DSP/BIOS.

The examples on the current EVM5502 CD-ROM ship are based on DSP/BIOS version 2.90.270 (you can open the CDB file with a text editor to find the version) which was included with CCS 2.20.18 and CCS 2.21. Official support for the 5502 shows up in CCS 2.20.18. If you have an older version of CCS, go to and download the latest Chip Support Library. This should replace your CSL and DSP/BIOS files with current ones. This only works in theory. You should back everything up before trying this so you can recover to your original state if something goes wrong.

1.2 Building examples with CCS 3.1
The last EVM5502 release CD was built against Code Composer Studio 3.0 which includes the C55XX CSL as part of the CCS distribution. If you are trying to build the example code on the CD-ROM with CCS 3.1 or later, you must download dependent components such as DSP/BIOS and the CSL from TI (see SPRC133). After the CSL has been installed, you must change your project include and library paths to point at the new CSL. There are release notes in the CSL install directory that explain how to do this (docs/Releasenote.htm).

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