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Installation Steps

You must perform three steps to begin using your evaluation module.
  1. Install Code Composer Studio
  2. Install Board Support Package
  3. Connect the EVM5509A

1. Install Code Composer Studio
Install Code Composer Studio in its default directory:


If you choose to install Code Composer Studio in a different directory, modify the the path names below to reflect the change. Code Composer studio is not included with the board but can be purchased separately. A 90-day trial version can be found at:

2. Install the Board Support Package
Run the Board Support Package installer at the root of the installation CD-ROM:


The installer will prompt you for an installation directory. Please respond with the location of your Code Composer Studio installation directory. For example, if Code Composer Studio is installed in c:\ti, the Board Support Package should also be installed in c:\ti.

            bsp                 <- Board Support Package docs
            evm_app             <- Evm_App example
            led                 <- LED example
            ledprd              <- LEDPRD example
            post                <- Power-on self test
            test                <- Test source code
            tone                <- Tone example
            FBTC55              <- Programming algorithm source
            FBTC55.out          <- Programming algorithm
            sd5509evm.gel       <- GEL file
            evm5509.h           <- BSL include files
            evm5509bsl.lib      <- BSL library
            evm5509bsl          <- BSL source code

3. Connect the EVM5509A (Spectrum Digital Embedded USB)
Connect power to the EVM5509A board, then connect the on-board JTAG emulator to your PC using the included mini-USB cable. When it is first plugged in, the green BUSY light will light up. Windows will pop up its "Add New Hardware" wizard. The device found will be a "5510 DSK". It will prompt for the location of the driver files. Pick the "Install from a specific location option" and click "Next".

Now select "Search for the best driver" option and use the browse function to include

in a subdirectory of your Code Composer installation. Choose the 5510 DSK drivers specified earlier.

Configure Code Composer Studio. Launch Code Composer Setup from its desktop icon. Remove any currently configured boards in the "system Configuration" pane at the left and use the "Install Configuration File" option at in the rightmost pane. Using the filter selector, select:

    Family:         C55xx
    Platform:       Embedded USB
    Configuration:  C5509A EVM XDS510 Embedded USB Emulator (SD)

You may now launch Code Composer Studio.

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