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EVM5509A USB Example

The USB example demostrates communication with the EVM5509A and computer.

In order to run the USB Example you must install the following software peices:

Software Link
USB Example Code
EVM5509A USB example source code, download and unzip to directory
Open Source USB library designed for use with Windows, download and install

For First Time Users
Install the LibUsb-Win32 ( libusb-win32-filter-bin- ) drivers to the
   c:\Program Files\LibUsb-Win32-
Unzip the EMV5509A USB example code ( ) to ( TI install directory )
Copy file: evm5509a_libusb.inf

to the LibUsb-Win32\bin directory
   c:\Program Files\LibUsb-Win32-\bin

evm5509a_libusb.inf contains information used to identify the EVM5509A's PID/VID IDs used in the usb examples

Follow these steps to run the USB Exmaple:

  1. Load Project
    Open the usb.pjt Code Composer project using Project -> Open and selecting usb.pjt. It is in the directory

  2. Load Program
    Load the usb.out executable file. Select File -> Load Program. It will open a file browser dialog. Select the usb.out file in the usb\Debug directory in the file browser and hit "Open" to load the executable file.

  3. Run Program
    Select the Debug -> Run option under the Debug menu.

  4. Connect USB
    Connect the USB from the computer the the USB on the EVM5509A.

  5. For First Time Users
    Windows has no information about the EVM5509A prior to plugging in the usb cable, once connected the EVM5509A will send its PID/VID to Windows.
    The PID/VID information matches the evm5509a_usblib.inf file above, and is what Windows uses to determine what type of usb device is connected. When the drivers window appears, point to the (LibUsb-Win32 install directory)\bin.
    For more click here
  6. Run Win32 Program
    Run packet.exe


    This will send and receive packets of incrementing size between the Host computer & EVM5509A.

  7. Halt Program
    When you are satisfied that the program is indeed running correctly, stop the program by selecting Debug -> Halt. At this time you can also disconnect the USB cable.

Windows Hardware Install Process

Upon connecting the EVM5509A for the first time, Windows will pop up a Found New Hardware window

Point to the LibUsb drivers located at the LibUsb-Win32\bin directory.

Continue installing if the driver doesn't pass the Windows Logo test.

Done installing the LibUsb-Win32 driver

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